Anna Tehlova


Sciences Po Paris

Field of Study

Urban Issues

Current Research Projects

Currently Anna is travelling across Western Africa to gain insight on urban issues in fast growing cities in the region. Anna’s main research interest is on the environmental and social issues in the context of fast-growing resource-limited cities, particularly Africa, South and Central America. Anna spent over 4 years living in Africa, and is fluent in French and English, with an intermediate background in Spanish and Portuguese.

Books/Papers Authored

Tehlova, A. (2019). Changing Faces Competition. Mobilizing Citizens to Reclaim Public Spaces in Nairobi, The Journal of Public Space, 4(3), 61-86, DOI 10.32891/jps.v4i3.1221

Tehlova Anna, “Hop, Skip and Make: Creating Child-friendly Environment in Dandora”, The City at Eye Level for Kids, 2018, pp. 63-67.

Previous Employment

June 2017 – September 2019: Cofounder and Coordinator of Public Space Network (PSN), Nairobi, Kenya


Anna’s background is in urban policy with a focus on fast-growing cities in developing and emerging countries, especially in Africa. She co-founded and coordinated the Nairobi-based Public Space Network (PSN), an association bringing together a diversity of stakeholders involved around public space management to facilitate public-private-people partnerships and ensure a sustainable management of public spaces across the city through fostering the community ownership of spaces. Under Anna’s leadership, PSN scaled up the international award-winning Changing Faces Competition from the neighborhood to the city-wide level, mobilizing 114 community groups to adopt and transform the same number of previously neglected and abused public spaces into clean, safe and productive community spaces.

Currently Anna is travelling through West Africa, researching on how different African cities are affected by the fast urbanization.

Anna graduated from Sciences Po University in Paris, with a masters in urban governance with specialization on African and Latin American cities, and bachelor degree in multidisciplinary social sciences with majors in African Studies and Development Economics. Anna speaks English, French, and studied Spanish and Portuguese for over 4 years.