Dr. Carol L. Simpson


UC Berkeley/California Institute of Integral Studies

Field of Study

Transformative Studies & Leadership

Current Research Projects

Book & Film component: Ordinary Champions: What is a 21st Century Global Citizen?

Conference Speaker/Presenter through my non-profit NEWPEACE on Climate Change, and Alt-Media & Political Communication Divisiveness

Books/Papers Authored


PhD Dissertation: “S.G.I. Buddhist Jazz Artists and Global Citizenship,”

Peace Studies Journal article “Toward a Peaceful and Creative Coexistence through Empathic Recognition of Our Inner Universality,” Volume 8, Issue 2, December 2015, pp. 89-126.

None of Us Are Getting out of Here Alive: Death, Stepping outside Traditional Frameworks and Limitations, Dialogue House Publications © 2015 , Book on Amazon:

Current Employment

President/Founder NEWPEACE, Inc.

President/Founder Dialogue House Publications