Cameron Espinoza


Selwyn College, University of Cambridge

Field of Study

International Relations

Current Research Projects

American Foreign Policy, Democratization, Democracy Promotion, Political Philosophy

Books/Papers Authored

“Ich Bin Ein Berliner: An American Attempt at Adopting the German Healthcare System” La Nouvelle Union (Cambridge University, European Federalist Society) (2018).

“From Lochner to New Federalism: Where Does Modern American Authority Lie?” Hippo Reads (2018).

“Trumping the Executive Branch: A Brief History of Presidential Overreach and the Failure of Checks and Balances” Hippo Reads (2017).

“Help Me Understand!: Dr. J Ann Tickner on Gender in International Relations” Hippo Reads (2015).

“Elements of Substance: An Analysis of Dostoevsky’s Stylistic Techniques in The Brothers Karamazov and Crime and Punishment” Undergraduate Symposium for Scholarly and Creative Work, USC (2015).

“Laicite: Militant or Modest Separation?” Social Justice Review (2015).

Current Employment

Adjunct Professor of Political Science– Moorpark College


Selwyn College, University of Cambridge– Master’s International Relations (Merit)

University of Southern California– Bachelor’s Political Science; English Literature