Mary Yuhas


University of Illinois

Field of Study

Elementary Education

Current Research Projects

Everything I write is a research project as I do not write opinion pieces.  Because I wrote for newspapers for many years including USA Today, I am accustomed to sourcing everything I write.  Melding accuracy into an interesting and informative piece is critical to me.

Books/Papers Authored

I wrote, “Just Like My Mother.” It is my over 83,000 word story of growing up with a paranoid schizophrenic mother.  Using Twitter, I had over 90,000 reads on the first three chapters on  I am on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I’ve written hundreds of newspaper and magazine stories over the years as listed below.

Current Employment

For the past 17 years, I have been a freelance writer.  I love the freedom and variety it offers.  I have written for the Sun-Sentinel, USA Today, the Washington Times, China Daily USA, Harvard Square Editions, AOL/Mapquest, Florida Design magazines, Palm Beach Media Group, Gulstream Media Group, JES Publications , Boca Observer among others and performed investigative reporting for US Weekly magazine.

Previous Employment

Early on, I spent my time being a wife and mom. A huge learning experience and something I will always be grateful that I was able to do. I have a view of business from behind the scenes. My husband was an executive with a small defense company and was preparing to become president  when he unexpectedly died from a heart attack at a young age.  I always wanted to be a writer and when the opportunity unexpectedly showed itself, I jumped at the chance. I started writing biographies about artists at RFA, one of the largest art dealers in the country, and was able to expand from there. I will always be grateful to Howard Rosenbaum, the CEO, for giving me a chance.


I am extremely fortunate in that I have been able to write. It has allowed me to meet people I never would have met and share their stories. People I have interviewed include CEO’s and a U.S. president’s cabinet member to individuals living in high crime areas and everyone in between. My most challenging story was writing about a little girl who spent time at a burn camp for children who were severely burned. I was terrified to interview her,  but her bravery and incredible story allowed me to forget my fears. The most fun was sleuthing for US Weekly. I lived the good life at a five star resort while checking out the scoop on some A-listers and their love lives.  The most difficult was starting a vlog – the first reality vlog. I interviewed “real” babyboomers, learned to use the software in a week as my “tutor” left for college, filmed, edited and posted it.  A wonderful learning experience. I’m always up for something new. I attended a script writing conference and wrote a screenplay based on a newspaper story I wrote earlier about women recovering from addiction, It would probably be suitable for a Hallmark production or Lifetime.  I enjoy thinking out-of-the-box and having the opportunity to be creative.