Anna Redmond is a writer and angel investor. A graduate of Harvard University with an A.B. in Economics and Information Technology and an A.M. in History of Science, she began her investing career as an analyst at Rustic Canyon Partners. She joined Wellcap Partners as an assistant portfolio manager, followed by a role at Boston Avenue Capital as a portfolio manager, during which time she took a role as interim Chief Operations Officer of Compumed, a public company specializing in medical devices for osteoporosis testing.

Recent personal investments include Circle Up and Ledge Media. Her writing has been featured in the Dunster Literary Review and The Humanist, and her first novel, The Golden Arrow, was released in January 2014.

Why I love working for Hippo:

Power. Money. Fame. World domination. Oh shoot, I wasn’t supposed to give away that part of the business plan!

Seriously, though the best part is our team. They’re incredible. I suppose Kate and I hired all of them so we’re biased, but you’d be hard pressed to find a smarter, more passionate, well read, motivated group of people.

My favorite academic work:

The Theory of Scientific Revolutions—does a great job of exposing the social undercurrents behind scientific breakthroughs.

In another life, I’d be a:

Circus performer. Or a circus performer who is actually an international spy.

Aside from the mighty hippo, my favorite animal is the:

Tiger. Do tigers and hippos get along? Maybe we’ll write a curation on that.