Some people prefer having their home, however small or large and however grand or humble, to themselves and after a busy day at work surrounded by colleagues. They can think of nothing less tempting than inviting everyone over in the evening.

However, if you are a proud member of the other group of people and are looking for ways and means of transforming your lounge into a place where friends and family feel welcomed and relaxed, then continue reading.

Here are four budget-friendly ways to turn your living room into a social hub.

1. Tour the Thrift Shops!

Presumably, if you are looking for ways to get your living room, and indeed your home, ready for a party, you are someone who loves socializing and therefore could do with something to transport and serve drinks that will be used many times over.

Take a tour around the thrift shops and even the antique stores in your local area, and keep a sharp lookout for star buys, specifically drinks trollies. Even if you find one for five dollars but it is currently looking shabby and overused, try your hand at upcycling and create your own customized drinks trolley for all social occasions.

2. LED Lighting

Another incredibly affordable way of making your living room feel warm, inviting, and the perfect place for a casual dinner party or else a private disco, is to buy several cheap and cheerful LED light strips.

You can choose to affix these lights around the speaker, the television (should you choose to play tunes through an app), or else to highlight other focal points in the room. LED light strips only cost a couple of dollars but can turn even the smallest and diminutive of rooms into party central!

3. Ditch the Uncomfortable Couch

Obviously, if you have only recently spent a considerable amount of your hard-earned money on a new couch, then nobody would recommend simply throwing it away in favor of something more comfortable.

However, you absolutely should take a look at the beautiful, durable, and surprisingly affordable Fombag Fompillow, which can be thrown about, easily moved, and generally messed about with to create the exact vibe of the evening, from children’s parties to adults-only evenings.

4. Inject Your Personal Style into Everything

The fourth and final tip when looking to redecorate your living room with a more social, party vibe in mind is to break away from fashion conventions and simply decorate the room to best visually portray who you are as a person.

These days, it is almost fashionable to not be fashionable (one of the many paradoxes of the industry), and as such, if you like a particular ornament or one of those gold-leaf monkey table lamps, just go for it, treat yourself and add it to your eclectic design mix.

Secondhand home décor websites, such as eBay, to name just one, are the ideal place to source striking items at a fraction of the price you would pay in-store.

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