#YOLO Fail: Defining Success in an Age of Excess

Has the luxury of boundless possibilities paradoxically made timeless human endeavors like getting a job, raising children, and living in a house-with-a-white-picket-fence impossibly difficult? From the cynical rhetoric of economists, environmentalists, politicians, and most remarkably from millennials—the generation defining the #yolo present—it seems that expecting to have a decent, well-paying job and not hate your children might be too much to ask, as highlighted in this curation of 3QD picks.

Eugene Park Was Right: Academic Philosophy Is Failing Its Cosmopolitan Values

A philosopher examines Brian Leiter’s reaction to Eugene Park’s essay for Hippo Reads, arguing that Western philosophers implicitly consider their own work cosmopolitan and universal, while treating non-Western philosophy as limited and local: “If philosophy departments teach only Western philosophy, in what sense can they be, as Brian Leiter says they are, ‘guardians’ of the cosmopolitan ideal?”

The Science of Psychoanalysis: An Interview with Dr. Chris Morse

From the first of a series investigating Freud’s legacy: “A lot of psychoanalysis is about imagining. And the implications of imagination, what happens as people imagine things? Real things happen as a result of people imagining things. Real things happen as a result of people dreaming things. And even more fundamentally, dreams and imaginings and fantasies and inner experiences are a real part of the world.”

Why I Left Academia: Philosophy’s Homogeneity Needs Rethinking

Former PhD student Eugene Sun Park explores why philosophy’s academic halls lack diversity: “It’s not that women and minorities are (inexplicably) less interested in the ‘problems of philosophy’—it’s that women and minorities have not had their fair say in defining what the problems of philosophy are, or what counts as philosophy in the first place.”