#YOLO Fail: Defining Success in an Age of Excess

Has the luxury of boundless possibilities paradoxically made timeless human endeavors like getting a job, raising children, and living in a house-with-a-white-picket-fence impossibly difficult? From the cynical rhetoric of economists, environmentalists, politicians, and most remarkably from millennials—the generation defining the #yolo present—it seems that expecting to have a decent, well-paying job and not hate your children might be too much to ask, as highlighted in this curation of 3QD picks.

Eugene Park Was Right: Academic Philosophy Is Failing Its Cosmopolitan Values

A philosopher examines Brian Leiter’s reaction to Eugene Park’s essay for Hippo Reads, arguing that Western philosophers implicitly consider their own work cosmopolitan and universal, while treating non-Western philosophy as limited and local: “If philosophy departments teach only Western philosophy, in what sense can they be, as Brian Leiter says they are, ‘guardians’ of the cosmopolitan ideal?”