Annoying Song Stuck in Your Head and Don’t Know Why? Here’s Your Answer

Ever wondered why you can’t get a commercial jingle out of your head or why some songs are easier on your ears than others? Now you’ve got your answers. We opened the floor to our Hippo readers and in this, our second Ask Me Anything installment, a researcher on music, mind, and brain, Georgia Floridou, takes on your most pressing questions.

The Science of Psychoanalysis: An Interview with Dr. Chris Morse

From the first of a series investigating Freud’s legacy: “A lot of psychoanalysis is about imagining. And the implications of imagination, what happens as people imagine things? Real things happen as a result of people imagining things. Real things happen as a result of people dreaming things. And even more fundamentally, dreams and imaginings and fantasies and inner experiences are a real part of the world.”