Are you considering a career in oil and gas? Whether you’re still at school and thinking ahead to the future or you’re considering a career change, there are many good reasons to consider a career in oil and gas.

When deciding on a new career path, you must always have a strong understanding of what the career path will look like and what benefits you’ll be able to enjoy. It might not be the easiest sector to enter, but the hard work will certainly be worthwhile and will allow for a long and lucrative career. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Demand

One of the main reasons to embark on a career in oil and gas is that it’s an enormous industry that remains heavily in demand, despite the rise of renewable energy. This means that you’ll benefit from many job opportunities and job security when working in oil and gas.

2. Global Industry

Following this, oil and gas is a gigantic global industry. This means that there are many job opportunities worldwide, which gives you the ability to work in different countries if you wish to travel.

3. Range Of Career Paths

There are also many different career paths to follow in oil and gas. Oil and gas engineering is one of the most notable paths to follow, which offers career progression opportunities and lucrative salaries. You can find oil and gas engineering opportunities with specialist recruiters like Orion Group, making it easier to find suitable jobs. In addition to engineering, oil and gas jobs can include finance, HR, tech, and many other types of careers. This means that working in oil and gas with various skills and career goals is possible.

4. Lucrative Salaries

Leading on from this, many oil and gas jobs offer lucrative salaries. In particular, oil and gas engineering and project management positions can pay very well. This is because these roles require a high level of technical expertise and can be demanding, but a high salary will always be appealing and can provide a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family.

5. Forefront Of Technology

When you work in oil and gas, you’ll be working at the forefront of technology. Oil and gas exploration, extraction, and sustainability practices use cutting-edge technology, which can make the work fascinating and exciting.

6. Challenging Work

Oil and gas careers can be challenging. While this means that they can be stressful at times, you will also find the work interesting, exciting, and rewarding. Having a rewarding job can make a massive difference to your well-being and will stop you from getting bored at work (a problem many people have in their careers).

These are just a few of the main reasons to consider a career in oil and gas, but there are many others. Overall, oil and gas can provide a stable, secure, lucrative, and exciting career path. Whether you’re embarking on your first career or considering a change, you should look further into a career in oil and gas.

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