An integral part of any fundraising campaign is securing donations that will drive you closer to achieving your target. Whatever the cause being represented, if no one demonstrates sufficient compassion, it will be left behind in the sea of other forgotten charity campaigns. This is the worst possible outcome, of course, but it does happen and here are five ways to engage donors as opposed to repel them.

Create Excitement

Using techniques that engage positive energy will always be impactful for securing donations and initiating people to your mission. There are endless ways to create excitement about a charitable movement, and it all depends on how far you are willing to engage in terms of what you put out there. Drumming up conversation and making people invested is a big part of this. You can do something as simple as putting an eye-catching visual on your social media feed or website that shows how close you are to your fundraising goal and stirs a connection from anyone looking. Every campaign needs hype to drive it forward.

Be Authentic

Reputation and trust are everything in the modern world, and it is something donors will look for before they part with their cash. As a fundraiser, these values must be at the core of every action, update and interaction that is put out into the world. If you can show authenticity, you can win the heart of the people. Every good cause need people who believe in it.

Use Social Media

Social media has a lot of value for charities and other independent fundraisers. Not only are you able to highlight what you’re fighting for, but you can also embrace positive communication and create personal connections too. By providing content, a fundraiser is able to tell stories about why you are trying to hit a certain target and allow people to share their stories in return. This reciprocity is likely to be shared, liked, and spread far and wide the more you post and the higher the level of engagement. It is also possible to create a direct link to donate too, which is extremely convenient and will work better for millennials or Gen Z.

Present Opportunities for Participation

The newer generations like to feel a part of a cause and as though they have a voice, impact, and involvement in something they feel passionate about. This means, alongside donating money, they want to do something in the organization to contribute more actively. Creating opportunities for participation means opening up more channels of support and allowing more people to engage directly with the fundraising mission.

Make an Impact

Every good fundraiser has a mission statement driving it forward. This is what you need to make an impact, because your mission statement tells people who you are and what you hope to achieve through securing donations. So, it has to be impactful.

Engaging donors during a fundraising campaign is easier than ever thanks to useful tools like social media and content. Figure out who your target audience is and establish the best practices for making it happen.

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