One recent study suggests businesses and academia need each other’s ideas—but have a hard time accessing one another.

Enter Hippo Thinks.

When a company has a stellar idea it wants to share with the world, it turns to us to express its specialized thoughts, find the facts to back them up, and get a smart, thoughtful piece published. How do we do this?

We put together a professional writing and academic research team to conduct a thoughtful deep-dive into the issues and trends important to our clients. Today, we’re in the process of launching a new network of some of the world’s leading experts on subjects from energy to education technology. Just take a look at our Hippo Reads site for examples of the groundbreaking research conducted by our network members.

Our expert network of academics provides the research companies are seeking—and, as a result, ideas that were once locked inside of academia are launched into a wider sphere.

If you’re an academic interested in being a part of this vast and innovative network, register here.

Welcome to Hippo Thinks.

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