Wisconsin has a thriving real estate industry. Therefore, the industry attracts many new entrants every year to offer various services including real estate sales and agency consultancy. Before beginning a career in any of these, you need a Wisconsin real estate license, which you can obtain online easily.

Luckily, technology makes it possible for people to access license application services in the state from the comfort of their homes, offices, or wherever they are. Here are the steps to acquire a Wisconsin real estate license online with ease.

Check Eligibility Online

The first step is to research to know all the preliminary requirements. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services website to evaluate your eligibility to apply for a Wisconsin real estate license online.

It will not only tell you about the minimum age of 18 years old and the necessity of being a legal US citizen or immigrant but also about the need to take a Wisconsin 72-hour real estate course, sit for the real estate license exam, and fulfill all other requirements.

Enroll in an Online Real Estate Course

The main requirement to apply for a Wisconsin real estate license online is to complete the WI real estate license course. Choose an online school with a good reputation and affordable fees to make the process easy and affordable. You may want to read here to learn more about a real estate school that is reliable and affordable and offers different packages to meet your unique needs.

As you compare different real estate schools, also check the certification by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. The certification assures you of receiving all the recommended course units and topics to prepare you for the industry.

Take the Online State Exam

Did you know that the Wisconsin real estate exam is administered online? Well, now you know. All you need is to access the portal that administers the exam and book the exam. Schedule a date that is convenient for you so that you are ready to take the exam.

You need to pass the exam to proceed with the license application. As you take the Wisconsin real estate license course, try to prepare for the exam as well. In fact, you should consider a package that has exam preparation resources.

Apply for the Wisconsin Real Estate License Online

The state allows future real estate professionals to apply for the Wisconsin real estate license online after completing Wisconsin real estate classes and passing the real estate exam, among other requirements. If you have fulfilled all of them including undergoing a background check and getting cleared, you can now submit your application online and wait for the state to review it and issue the license.

From here, you can activate your license through a licensed broker who will act as your sponsor until you can practice on your own.

Concluding Thoughts on Earning a Wisconsin Real Estate License Online

There is no shorter process for obtaining a Wisconsin real estate license online; you have to meet all the requirements and go through the steps we have indicated in this article. The longest step is taking real estate classes in Wisconsin. So, plan well to fulfill all the requirements on time to get started.

Image credit: Tierra Mallorca via Unsplash