Cardboard balers are becoming increasingly popular – but why is this? Inside this article, you can find out.

Climate change is a hot topic right now. For several years, it has been discussed non-stop on the news, as well as on social media platforms. All of this has led to businesses making some big changes to how they operate, with recycling being the focal point.

When it comes to large manufacturers and distribution outlets, the best tool for recycling is a cardboard baler. This is why – if you ever step inside a manufacturing warehouse or plant – you’ll likely see at least one cardboard baler machine in the mix.

With that said, here are the top 5 benefits of having a cardboard baler, whether you’re a small, medium, or large-size organization.

1. Make a Profit

Every business needs some extra profit during these tough economic times. The great news is that cardboard balers are a great source for this.

With a cardboard baler, you can take all of your cardboard waste and throw it into the machine. From there, it will be crushed into compact cubes which you then protect with baling wire. You can buy cardboard baling wire from

Once your recycling bales are ready to go, you can then sell them to recycling companies for a healthy profit. Before doing this, make sure to research the recycling companies within range of you, so that you can see who pays the most for bales.

2. Save Time When Handling Waste

During an average month, manufacturing units waste a lot of time handling waste, from cardboard to textiles. This is bad for business and also makes life harder for employees, which nobody wants.

So, with the help of a cardboard recycling baler, you and your teams will no longer have to worry about handling as much waste as before. Instead, you can let your recycling bale take care of all the work for you.

3. Build Relationships with Recycling Firms

As mentioned above, you can sell your recycling bales to recycling firms. This is a great way to kickstart potential relationships that can prove to be helpful in the future. For example, you may end up signing a long-term contract with a recycling firm, which will see you provide them with recycling bales for 3 years (or something of that nature). In an age where going green is very important, this is invaluable.

4. Boost Your Green Credentials

Nowadays, a lot of businesses are refusing to work with manufacturers that don’t have green credentials. When you can show them that you care about recycling (and other important areas of sustainability), then it will make them more likely to do business with you.

5. Free Up Some Much-Needed Space

Finally, a cardboard recycling baler will allow you to free up tons of space in your warehouse or plant. This is because you will no longer be dealing with huge piles of waste every day. Instead, your waste will be recycled and put into handy cubes that can be easily stored and transported.

Image credit: Alfonso Navarro via unsplash