After use, disposable vapes are discarded. They’re the most popular thc vape carts because they work out of the box. However, they come in several forms and sizes with charging ports and airflow adjustment.

As with any electrical equipment, there may be issues. Avoid throwing away throwaway vapes that don’t work! The most common reasons a disposable vape pen may cease hitting are covered in this article, along with troubleshooting recommendations.

How Do A Disposable Vape Pen Works?

Disposable CBD vape pens are usually pen- or USB-shaped. However, gadgets are growing and can now resemble “box mod” vapes with over 10000 puffs. Disposables have five main components, regardless of shape, size, or puff count:

  1. External shell and mouthpiece
  2. Heating element or atomizer
  3. Reservoir or absorbent material
  4. Power source
  5. E-liquid
  6. Charging port (for rechargeable disposable vapes only)

E-liquid, including nicotine, CBD, delta-8, etc., is held in a tank or high-quality filament material until the coil is heated, producing vapor inhaled through the mouthpiece. Most disposable thca vape pens can only be used once. However, some larger ones now have a charging connector.

Why Does Your New Disposable Vape Not Hit Or Work?

There are various reasons a new disposable vape may not operate right away.

  • Dead battery
  • Defective item
  • The vape juice has leaked, leaving the tank empty.
  • You cover the device’s bottom airflow intake when you inhale.

1. Defective Product 

If a disposable vaporizer doesn’t operate right away, there’s usually nothing you can do. The gadget is defective if you inhale the disposable vape through the mouthpiece for the first time and no vapor or blinking light appears. If so, return the vaporizer to the seller for a refund or replacement. To avoid buying a malfunctioning disposable, buy from a trusted brand or retailer with good customer service.

2. Dead Battery

If a red or orange LED blinks after hitting your new disposable, the battery is depleted. Rarely a battery is mischarged or drains during delivery from the factory. Again, if this is the issue, get a refund and return the device to the store.

3. Leaking 

If your new disposable is coated in liquid, the vape juice inside may have leaked and stopped working. New devices are usually sealed, although this can happen.

4. Hiding air-flow holes

If your new disposable is hard to inhale, you may cover the bottom air-flow hole. One or two slots at the bottom of the case must be open to breathe into the device.

Tips to Fix a Disposable Vape

Know the signs and causes of disposable vape pen deaths. Simple techniques to fix your throwaway gadget are below.

1. Inspect Battery

Most disposable vapes contain battery warning lights. If your disposable vape’s light blinks or doesn’t light up when you inhale, the battery may be dead. Since it’s a manufacturing defect, you can’t fix a non-rechargeable disposable. If it’s a rechargeable disposable pen, plug it in and the LED light should light up.

2. Remove Mouthpiece Debris

Airflow may be blocked by debris in the mouthpiece, preventing your gadget from firing.

Since disposables are always in and out of pockets or bags, they can easily gather up lint or fluff in the mouthpiece. Make sure the airway is clear first. Try to remove anything using a toothpick or safety pin.

3. Tap it

It may sound silly. But air bubbles can get in the cartridge or coil and block airflow. An obstruction may be blocking the auto-draw switch or airflow sensor. The disposable pod/cartridge section is on top, so tap or flick it. This may clear the airflow and get you vaping again.

4. Steer clear of deep inhalations

Your disposable vape may be malfunctioning due to improper use. Many disposable vapes shut off after 8-10 seconds. This prevents accidents from firing too long and overheating the battery. So, avoid extended inhalations on the gadget to avoid intermittent firing.

5. Ensure E-liquid level

Does your disposable vape taste burnt? Burned disposable vapes may have low juice. The cotton around the coil hides the e-juice level on all disposables, making it hard to observe. However, some disposable vapes contain a somewhat transparent plastic shell that may be held to the light to check the fluid level. Cotton that has been dried is lighter than juice-soaked cotton.

Some disposables allow mouthpiece removal. If possible, find a rubber seal and cotton below this. Dry cotton indicates low e-liquid.

6. Keep airflow holes open.

Your disposable may feel blocked when you inhale if you mistakenly cover an airflow hole. Airflow holes are commonly slots or pinholes on the base of disposable devices. Since the disposable needs air to enter, don’t cover the hole when breathing.

7. Rest between hits to avoid overheating.

Many things can cause your disposable vape to overheat. The most crucial measure is to avoid leaving your throwaway in direct sunshine or excessive heat. Overheating disposable vapes is often caused by aggressive chain vaping. Rest between hits and puffs to cool your battery and coil.

8. Return—it may fail. 

No manufacturer is flawless, and with so many cheap disposable vape pens on the market, sometimes poor quality control results in a dud. A dead battery, defective internal connections, or a damaged coil may be to blame. This may have happened during shipping but not when it left the manufacturer’s warehouse. If so, you may have to buy a new gadget.

If you have evidence of purchase, the retailer may refund or exchange a new disposable vape. You could also ask the disposable e-cigarette manufacturer to repair the defective item.

9. Take apart the device.

If everything else fails and your throwaway is still not operating, you can disassemble it and address any connection issues. This is not advised unless you know what you’re doing. There are manuals for disassembling disposables, but the interior parts are fragile. You’ll struggle to reassemble them and risk your safety.


As usual, some disposable vapes are unfixable, and you may have received a faulty one. You could contact the retailer or manufacturer for compensation, but disposables are so cheap that they may be pointless.

Manufacturer faults are possible, so using vaping equipment from reputable brands with high-quality control is advisable, like the ones we offer. Thus, you reduce the risk of a broken disposable gadget.

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