Reporting From the Kingdom: An Interview with The Wall Street Journal’s Karen Elliott House

In this exclusive interview, long-time Wall Street Journal editor and author Karen Elliott House speaks with writer Jayne Amelia Larson on how being a woman gained her unparalleled access to the lives of women in Saudi Arabia. She also provides insights on a life in journalism at a time when women were a relative anomaly in the newsroom.

Annoying Song Stuck in Your Head and Don’t Know Why? Here’s Your Answer

Ever wondered why you can’t get a commercial jingle out of your head or why some songs are easier on your ears than others? Now you’ve got your answers. We opened the floor to our Hippo readers and in this, our second Ask Me Anything installment, a researcher on music, mind, and brain, Georgia Floridou, takes on your most pressing questions.

#YOLO Fail: Defining Success in an Age of Excess

Has the luxury of boundless possibilities paradoxically made timeless human endeavors like getting a job, raising children, and living in a house-with-a-white-picket-fence impossibly difficult? From the cynical rhetoric of economists, environmentalists, politicians, and most remarkably from millennials—the generation defining the #yolo present—it seems that expecting to have a decent, well-paying job and not hate your children might be too much to ask, as highlighted in this curation of 3QD picks.