Today, the media is dominated by reports documenting the rising sea levels, increasing global carbon emissions, and our entrance into the “Anthropocene” era: a new geological epoch created by human activity. At the same time, the opinions of “climate deniers,” or people who believe that climate change is not happening, further obfuscates public opinion on how we should view different environmental policies.

We at Hippo are delighted to have Svein Tveitdal field your questions on climate change. Tveitdal is the former Division Director in the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and Environmental Ambassador to the Norwegian city of Arendal. He is currently Chairman for Klima2020, a climate change consultancy.

Tveitdal learned to engage with and love what nature had to offer growing up on a small farm in Norway in the 1950s. It seemed like a more idyllic time back then: the environment wasn’t yet threatened by human activity and he mostly got around by horse or bicycle. “Climate change was not part of the vernacular,” he says. His love for nature motivated him to become trained a surveyor. Tveitdal was introduced to environmental mapping, analysis, and communication early on in his professional career and has continued to devote his life to bridging the gap between science and public awareness with climate change.

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Image Credit:  U.S. Geological Survey from Flickr