Parents are aware of the importance of providing their children with a balanced diet to help them grow and develop. When they start at kindergarten, their social life really kicks off with invites to birthday parties seeming to multiply and making free weekends a thing of the past. The food on offer is often highly processed and full of flavorings and colorings, leaving children bouncing off the walls as they head for home.

If you are hosting a kid’s party and want to offer healthier options, these ideas are all proven winners.

Slam Dunk

Hummus is a popular choice with children who love to dunk. Instead of chips, use vegetables such as cucumber, pepper, carrot and celery which are quick to prepare. Cut the vegetables into chunky slices that are easy for little hands to hold and know you are providing a healthy choice. Consider different bases for dips too – mild tomato salsa is often well received.

Stick It To ‘Em

Popular at parties in the 1970s and 80s, cocktail stick delicacies have fallen out of fashion. However, with retro making a comeback, it is the perfect time to revive these old-school nibbles. Cubes of cheese and pineapple, pickles or meats can be prepared quickly and presented in a fun way, and, because of the novelty factor, guests will be sure to come back for more.

Tortilla Thriller

For older kids who are having sleepovers or movie nights to celebrate their special day, ordering in pizza is the norm. Giving them the opportunity to make their own ‘pizzas’ using a tortilla base is a fun activity as well as allowing everyone to have their own bespoke toppings. Offer plenty of vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, onions, chillis and sweetcorn, as well as pineapple for those with a sweeter tooth. The beauty of homemade also means dietary requirements can be easily met, for example, if one of the group is vegetarian or gluten intolerant. Check your guests’ needs in advance to make sure there are no last-minute panics because there’s no vegan cheese or one fussy eater doesn’t like pizza.

Sweet Treats

Using vegetables in cakes is increasingly popular with everything from the old favorite carrot to beets being used in recipes. These are easy to make, and many people can’t even tell that they are a healthier option than traditional birthday cakes. Manufacturers are also making things easier as they look to accommodate different dietary requirements. Dairy-free ice cream and sorbet is a hit with party guests of all ages and those with hand-crafted blends and natural ingredients have a decadent feel without the nasties so no one will feel like they’re missing out.

Having healthier options at a party doesn’t mean going without – there are many ways to create a deliciously tempting spread for guests using natural ingredients. Experiment with flavors and textures and you will be remembered for providing unique options rather than the junk food that is often provided at kids’ parties!

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