Now that the devastatingly powerful Hurricane Harvey has made landfall, Texas is struggling to pick up the pieces, as the country at large wonders what we can learn from this disaster. (Don’t forget to donate to relief efforts!) Here’s a brief reading list that looks at the effects of Harvey from a couple of different angles.

Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like (Politico)

An argument that while climate change didn’t directly cause Harvey, it certainly helped the hurricane along.

Harvey Wasn’t Just Bad Weather. It Was Bad City Planning (Bloomberg)

We have friends in Houston who’ve expressed this exact worry—that Houston’s rapid growth and bad city planning would lead to serious environmental repercussions—months before Harvey hit.

Hell and High Water (ProPublica)

An eerily prescient longread from 2016 about how Houston was not at all ready for the next big storm.

What Happens to Drug Users During a Storm? (Rolling Stone)

A fascinating take on a population not often considered when we’re talking about floods.

Why Giving Cash, Not Clothing, is Usually Best After Disaster (The Conversation)

Good to know.

Another Danger of the Harvey Flood: Floating Fire Ants (Smithsonian)

This bit of news manages to be both quirky and a serious bummer.