The current age of civilization has been described as the information age with good reason. Today, in 2023, the human population is exposed to more information than ever before and has access to multiple sources of high-quality material. Only a few decades ago, if you wanted to learn about a new subject outside of school, you would need to go to your local library and take out a book on the subject. Today, the internet has become one of the most widely used information sources, with billions of people accessing it every day. The rapid increase in IT processing power and technological improvements has allowed every citizen to learn more about the world. These technological improvements have also led to the situation where most homes feature a range of tech devices, many of which access the internet. In this article, there will be a discussion on some of the key developments in technology that have revolutionized life at home.

Faster Internet to Support Increased Devices

It is estimated that most American homes had around 11 internet connected tech devices in 2019, and this figure has increased each year for most households. These tech devices can include tablets, smartphones, smart speakers, and a range of other pieces of tech. However, as more homes rely on connected devices, there is a greater need for faster internet services to support them. Internet exchanges are being expanded to cope with increased consumer demand, such as the fiber internet expansion in Florida that is currently taking place. By giving more homes access to fast fiber optic internet connections, multiple smart devices can run simultaneously without causing buffering and lag when accessing internet services, such as streaming video content. As the decade progresses, it is likely that fiber internet will increasingly be rolled out to more rural locations so that these households can benefit from improved connectivity in the home.

The Rise of VR Entertainment

Virtual reality devices were once nothing more than science fiction. However, these devices have become widely available for home use in the last five years. Today, some movies can be streamed in VR, and the gaming industry has quickly recognized the potential that VR gaming offers consumers. Currently, Meta Quest 2 is proving to be one of the most popular VR headsets for games, although there are a range of other companies who are starting to provide high quality VR gaming headsets. These platforms look set to revolutionize home entertainment and can provide truly immersive worlds to explore and enjoy.

Streaming Services

In the last decade, music and film consumption in the home has been transformed. Previously, consumers would rent or buy a physical copy of a movie and either buy music in hard copy to play on a CD player or download it to a portable MP3 device. Today, these methods are outdated as streaming of film and music has become the most popular way to consume this form of entertainment. A wide range of music streaming sites allows you to enjoy millions of tracks and albums for a small monthly subscription. In addition, there are a range of film streaming services that allow you to watch a diverse range of films and TV box sets on demand. In short, streaming has revolutionized home entertainment.

Image credit: Vadim Sherbakov via Unsplash