Thank you to everyone who participated in our inaugural Ask Me Anything Q&A series with MIT Theoretical Physics Professor David Kaiser. There were so many provocative questions you certainly made it hard for us choose; in the end, we went with the following winning questions:


From Ryan M., Tampa, FL:

Dear Dr. Kaiser, On behalf of my 8th grade Honors Geometry students, I would like to ask: What shape is the universe?

From Alex L., San Mateo, CA:

If you get sucked into a wormhole, is it theoretically possible to get back out? If so, what would you use to escape?

From Bella S., Savannah, GA:

They say the universe is always expanding. But what lies beyond the end of the universe, the space it has not yet expanded into?

We hope you are as excited for Prof. Kaiser’s answers to these questions as we are. Besides, who doesn’t love a wormhole?