We here at Hippo have  some big news. We’re in the process of moving our Reads magazine from a strict submission process to one that is open-source and community-based.

In other words, members of our exclusive network of academics are now able to simply upload their posts via their network membership to a queue that our team will then publish to the appropriate category. Posts that are exceptional in quality and/or breadth of appeal will be featured on our front page, and will benefit from the strength of a brand new social media team that will work hard to get you maximum exposure for your work.

We will still promote posts via our newsletter and social media, and top posts will be cross-published in our Huffington Post column.

If you are already a network member, thank you! We would love for you to consider uploading to our site. If you aren’t yet a member, you can register here. If you have a blog, ours would be the perfect platform on which to syndicate! Or, if you would like to gain the public’s interest on a research project you are working on via a brief, accessible piece, Hippo Reads would love to see it.

We are so excited about opening up our platform!

Our mission has always been to help academic and intellectual thought reach a wider audience via our readership, which numbers in the hundreds of thousands.  Now we’re taking that one step further and are delighted to have you along for the journey.

Questions? Email our Head of Academic Outreach at colleen@hipporeads.com.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.