It is important to maintain competitiveness when you are running and operating a warehouse. If a warehouse is not performing well or it is struggling with efficiency and effectiveness, then this will filter down to the customers and the end-users. It may mean that they must wait longer to receive a product or item. Or it may mean that they must pay more to receive their goods. To implement change, you need to tackle issues head-on.

Create an Improvement Plan

Your journey to a better warehouse may not be easy or smooth, but it will be possible, especially when you have an improvement plan to work towards. An improvement plan is going to lay out what change needs to happen, when, and why. Without a strategy or plan to work towards, you will find that you will be wasting time and other resources.

Look Where Change Is Needed

Now that you know you need a plan, you next need to look at where change is needed and why. This means looking at your warehouse and how it operates at the moment for a period of weeks before committing to any change. As you look at operations, you may see that your warehouse is not operating at full capacity, and this may be putting a strain on costs and resources. Or you may find that staff morale and the working environment within your warehouse are not as productive as you would like them to be. When you start peeling back the layers of your warehouse and its operations, you can often see lots of places where improvement can be introduced.

Warehouse Planning and Layout

When you look at the current layout and plan of your warehouse, would you say it is effective? Or would you say that you would like to get bays and aisles in better order? When there is less chaos and more order within your layout and planning, you can do things such as reduce the number of SKUs in your warehouse. Speak to the team members within your warehouse and get their input and feedback about the layout. Ask them what they think would work well and get their feedback about what is working well now. The layout and planning of a warehouse can streamline operations and speed up processes. So, this is a key area of your improvement plan that you must not overlook.

Invest in New Technology

In warehousing operations and processes, nothing stands still for very long, and it is important that you embrace new technology as and where you can. New technology can help you streamline operations, and it can help you get goods out to customers quicker than ever. New technology may help team members feel more connected to each other, or it may help divides within the team become narrower (this may happen if everyone is working with the same technology). New technology and its implementation should be reviewed annually to ensure effectiveness and ensure your company remains competitive.

Image credit: Tommao Wang via Unsplash